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H.I.P.S. was founded in 2010 by Rebcca Kaiserman. Since its inception at Trumbull High School, the organization has grown to several chapters and currently holds meetings, organizes events, and works on campaigns to revolutionize the ways in which we see our selves and our bodies. 


Co-Presidents, Rebecca Kaiserman and Mariah Guevin are inspired by their own stories of recovery and by the struggles faced everyday by those around them. In weekly forums members discuss their own experiences and connect them to the larger cultural naaratives of the body our society promotes. By understanding that our struggles are not isolated and that they are the results of media messages, members not only begin to heal, they grow into powerful activists and body-positive warriors. 


H.I.P.S. believes in the power of its members, and we hope that you believe in yourself too! If you would like to start a chapter of H.I.P.S. we invite you to contact us at and become a part of the body-love revolution! 


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