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Mariah Guevin and Rebecca Kaiserman, Co-Presidents


Mariah and Rebecca began working together in 2012 to charter H.I.P.S. at Skidmore College. They worked collabrotively to create a chartered club and gain officers, members, and design a curriculum. They currently serve as Co-Presidents of Skidmore H.I.P.S. and the H.I.P.S. organization.


Mariah is a rising senior at Skidmore College and is earning her Bachelors of Arts in Gender Studies. Currently Mariah is an intern at HEAT and the Hertick Martin Institute, partner organizations that work with youth on HIV prevention and care. In the past Mariah has worked in a variety of educational settings, and has worked with youth from low-income backgrounds, those with different abilities, and LGBTQAIP youth. She plans to pursue her PhD in Gender and Feminist Studies. Mariah recovered from anorexia in 2010 and has stayed successfully in recovery since.


For information on Rebecca, please visit the 'Founder' page.

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